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Efficiency and reliability

We offer electrically heated steam generators, which can be combined in the building block principle to stationary or mobile units for the desired capacity range.
The advantages:

  • Independence from large central systems
  • Steam generation where the steam is needed
  • No boiler room to take up valuable space
  • No oil tanks
  • No heat loss through exposed pipes
  • Clean and simple to operate.

We will come up with the solution if you have any special problems. Working in close co-operation with our customers, experienced specialists from the world of process technology plan, develop and produce tailor-made systems. With our wide range of various standard machines and special products, we can tackle any unusual assignments just as easily as everyday applications. You will receive a steam generator, wich has been designed especially to meet your company’s requirements, which is economic to run, reliable and flexible.

Steam generators are not specific to any one industry, but were planned as general purpose high-performance machines. They will work for long periods of time with remarkably low heat losses. SPS controls, plus automatic pressure and temperature monitoring ensure low operating costs and maximum efficiency.

Stritzel steam generators have found many different uses, e.g. heating, cooling, wetting, drying, shaping and smoothing, sterilising, homogenising, pasteurising, cooking, ripening or as a heat source for other production processes.

If you think you may have a use for our efficient steam generator technology, we will be happy to give you more information and advice.